The China Trade Week is an annual event aiming to help businesses in Kenya find smoother avenues of sourcing products from China.



The event takes place at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) in Nairobi,Kenya.Bringing certified Chinese manufacturers to showcase their products.
This year’s event will be held at the KICC between 29th June 2016 and 1st July 2016.

For those looking to expand networks, open up business partnerships or even get exposure, it remains paramount for everyone to attend; student, business person, entrepreneur or the general public.

I attended China Trade Week 2015 and the impact it had was immense:

1. Exposure to world class manufactured products
This was unlike the common notion we have of Chinese products. The important message passed on by the manufacturers is ‘Good money will buy good quality
2. A chance to directly engage with many company representatives
Not only are they knowledgeable in technical operation of their products, they can also shed a light on the economics of the products from a global perspective. And yes, the Chinese people can speak English!

3. Get an up-close feel of various products
I got to try some of the comfiest pair of crocs ever made!

4. Attend mini workshops on ‘Sourcing from China’
Here people shared some of their past experiences (for instance not knowing where to start) and the challenges they faced. They then share lessons learnt, talk about how to use the internet to get reliable manufacturers and how to connect with the attending companies in doing business. All your business questions will be answered at China Trade Week 2016.

5. Appreciate how deeply industries are connected
I met many attendants from various sectors of the economy in those workshops- tourism, horticulture, healthcare, water, and lighting among tens more. Being in the same room with these people, and talking about how each sector will be enhanced, will open your mind to possibilities unimaginable!


Comparison of CTW 2015 and CTW 2016

China Trade Week 2015 was expectant of 3,000 attendees but saw a whopping 16,500!
The event this year brings 400 certified Chinese manufacturers as opposed to 150 in 2015

Organisation of China Trade Week 2016

Hall 1:      Building Materials and Energy
HALL 2:    Lighting
HALL 3:    Auto parts, Textiles, Agriculture, Machinery and Electronics






The AIESEC Youth Speak Forum is an event that takes place in multiple locations around the world; bringing top young leaders together with business leaders, thought leaders, and experts for a conversation around pressing global issues with the aim to generate new, but most importantly, actionable ideas that will impact the world and its future.

AIESEC makes this happen through taking our young leaders through a unique and interactive delegate experience.

AIESEC is an international platform that develops the leadership potential of youth through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and professional internships.

Being a delegate in the African Exchange Leadership and Development Seminar (AfroXLDS) that happened in 2015 in Kenya had me attend my first ever Youth Speak forum. The theme, ‘Youth Shaping Africa’ included powerful speakers and can be summarized into three stages;


INSPIRE-This section is delivered through short and powerful talks and aims to inspire delegates to form opinions.
ENGAGE- AIESEC’s partner organizations engage with the delegates to give new perspectives on issues relating to the theme. This is through mind-blowing workshops, conversations and idea generation spaces with interesting bits such as gift hampers and topics to connect to.

ACT-The delegates take their learnings into a space where they are able to generate ideas, ask challenging questions and give their opinions on actions that should be taken towards the theme.

The feeling of being part of something big, is exhilarating. I felt important. The truth is, we all are. We all should let our voices be heard. You want to bring change and create a positive impact wherever you are? Just do it. Have you filled the Youth Speak survey? Do you know about the Sustainable Development Goals (S.D.Gs)? You should.

This Year’s Forum will be bigger and better, do not be left out. See you there!

Vanessa Githinji.