It could just be a day’s weather forecast or it could be a climate change to affect the generations to come. Either way, we have seen it early enough and as things stand,the African winter is here.

However, unlike the El Nino, if this trend is maintained, we could hit sub-zero in 14 months, maybe less.
It doesn’t take a political analyst to notice that shots have been fired and if the issue is left unattended to, we are bound to plunge into war, a war within our borders, the second of its magnitude within a decade.

This consistency could prove detrimental especially given that we are a nation in its infantry and a dent acquired during childhood could be hard to erase, even in adulthood. The only difference in this case is that this is no dent. Instead, it is a deep cut through the chest to the spinal cord.

Our ‘leaders’ are making careless utterances that could be the trigger. The next thing will be sending us to the battlefield, fighting amongst ourselves.


We stake our lives,they gain political capital.They stand a chance of winning themselves a reputation among their ‘peers’ in the ‘African Olympics of most inefficient democracy’ while we juggle higher costs of living and slain friends and relatives. It’s like tossing a coin. Only difference? They win everytime

They stake their reputation, we stake our lives.

We could sit back and play as  pawns on a chessboard. We will take their orders like trained  dogs and do whatever we are told without any rationalization.
We go to war and destroy property, kill that neighbour who gave us a loan, when all the banks sought security we did not have, and our ‘leaders’ had gone abroad to offload their hefty salaries.
That awesome kid whose brain has the cure of cancer in it might be your first victim. When the pangas are finally too blunt to chop, they sit round a table and dine then declare peace.

We go to work but there is nobody to work with or work for, they are either mourning or being mourned. You go back home to your family, your siblings were killed in the ‘unfortunate’ clashes and now you have to cater for your nieces and nephews too.

People did not just wake up to find civil wars in their countries. It all came gradually. A lot of warning signs were overlooked and when they came to fruition, they could not stop it. We may end up being the citizens being sent from other countries citing insecurity, or influx of our kind. Our neighbouring countries might even erect a wall at our boundaries.
Alternatively, we could choose to be tribe-all and opt not to be divided along  ethnic lines. We could boycott rallies hosted by the warlords and watch their divisive minds react to our decisive minds.
On the day when our opinion really matters, we could weed out the seeds of ethnicity, development redundancy and the intellectually primitive amongst the ranks of our leaders.

Alternatively, we could choose to be tribe-all and opt not to be divided along our ethnic lines.

Choose peace, choose your future.



One thought on “CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE

  1. That’s soo great since I really don’t understand y we Kenyans should be deceived by people are arrogant driven by their of power they do nothing to us, they have no time to make projects to us to make us busy at the same time uniting us ..All they want ,us being idle for their reckless,ruthless orders.Kenyans Lets wake wise..


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